Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

The 10 best house documentaries

...of all time. So zumindest der Titel des Eintrags im Beatport Blog... Dieser wurde in den letzten Tagen auch auf Facebook des öfteren geteilt und hier nochmal für alle ebenfalls interessierten rausgesucht:


...of all time. According to the Beatport Blog. This has been posted quite some times on Facebook within the last few days and should also find its place in here for all who are interested, too.

10. The Chemical Generation

The Chemical Generation from Racket Racket on Vimeo.

09. Inside House

08. Slices: Theo Parrish


07. This Ain’t Chicago: UK House According to the Artists That Lived It

06. Paris Is Burning


05. From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House

From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House from Sonali Aggarwal on Vimeo.

04. Real Scenes: Johannesburg

03. Maestro: The History of House Music & NYC Club Culture

02. Back in the House

01. Pump Up the Volume 

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